Benefits of Tomatoes – The Natural Fat Burner!

Pile of Red Tomatoes

Find out the amazing benefit of eating tomatoes to lose weight, and learn how to prepare them properly and the amount you need to consume to reap the maximum benefits from tomatoes, one of the best fat-burning foods found in nature.

The plant which is grown more than other vegetables on the United States is the tomato.

Botanically, tomatoes are fruits however, they are classified as vegetables since they aren’t like other fruits in terms of sweetness.

The tomatoes are classified into four types based on to their dimensions.

They are the tiniest kind you can get. They are cultivated in clusters and taste sweet.

* The Early Girl or Better Boy are more commonly called the medium variety. These sweet and tasty tomato varieties are among the very first tomatoes to mature.

The plum tomatoes also known as Roma tomatoes have thicker walls and have fewer seeds. This is the reason they are favored in sauces made from tomatoes.

* To get excellent tomatoes sliced, Beefsteaks are the best option.

Food stores, supermarkets and farmer’s markets typically carry tomatoes all year round.

The benefits of fat burning from Tomatoes

The tomatoes are rich in Vitamin C content along with citricmalic-oxalic acid.

The acid can speed your metabolism, and also boosts the kidneys in order to remove massive amounts of fat deposits as well as helping to eliminate excess fat from your system.

There are a great deal of Vitamins A and K, magnesium the mineral potassium, phosphorus, and zinc in tomatoes. To create natural cleansing and detoxifying substances for your body, you require Vitamins A and C.

The chromium found in tomatoes can help keep your blood sugar levels steady and lessens the desire for sugar.

Vitamin C can be a potent antioxidant that protects the body from damage caused through free radical damage. This antioxidant assists the body create collagen, a vital ingredient to maintain healthy tendons, skin, blood vessels and ligaments and may help in healing scar tissues. However, they’re mostly comprised of beta carotene as well as lycopene.Tomatoes are able to get their gorgeous red hue from the lycopene. The potent antioxidant properties of lycopene fights free radicals and helps prevent cell damage. Recent research suggests that lycopene could have twice the antioxidant power as beta carotene.

Research has proven that the tomatoes’ lycopene may aid in protecting the body from the colon, rectal and stomach, and skin cancers.

Recent studies have shown the presence of two compounds within tomatoes, called coumaric acid as well as the chologenic acid, aid in reducing the negative effects of nitrosamines, particularly for smokers. They have been proven to stop lung cancer as they prevent the damage caused by nitrosamines.

They are rich in niacin, which reduces cholesterol. Potassium, which is also present in tomatoes, is believed to reduce blood pressure.

Vitamin K stimulates osteocalcin which is needed to provide calcium to bones, which helps keep your bones strong.

The preparation of Tomatoes

There are many ways to cook tomato than tomatoes! When you are choosing tomatoes, ensure that you purchase tomatoes that are the most dark red (if you’re buying red tomatoesfor example]. Lycopene’s presence is in the red color.

Raw tomatoes taste delicious however, when they are cooked, more of the lycopene gets released. But cooking tomatoes in olive oil prior to cooking lets your body more quickly to absorb the lycopene.

It is believed that the Mediterranean cuisine, specifically Italian is a great use of tomatoes.

Tomatoes cut in slices or chopped can be great added to salads and you can also add cherry tomatoes.

They can be used into a variety of cooking, baking, grilling and broiling recipes.

Sliced onions and cucumbers are delicious when served with tomatoes that have been sliced. Chop up some parsley and chives for garnish Finally, sprinkle lemon juice on top of the salad, or drizzle some olive oil.

Cottage cheese that is fat-free or low-fat is delicious with tomatoes sliced.

It is possible to use Roma tomatoes in soups, stews and pizzas and even casseroles. Romas, Beefsteaks and other varieties are great to add to wraps, sandwiches and sandwiches.

Broil tomatoes cut into slices over the fish. Add thin slices of onion, chop tomatoes and serve them in a gazpacho fill your tomato with spinach. Another delicious option is to use shrimp to fill your tomatoes.

It is a must to consider combining okra with corn and tomatoes! Tomatoes can be baked or paired with eggplant or heart of artichoke.

Make your own fresh, nutritious home-cooked tomato soup instead of purchasing canned soups that are full of preservatives and additives.

There are a variety of tomato recipes among the thousands of recipes available to satisfy your taste and preferences to make the tomato a vegetable which is actually a fruit’ is adaptable and healthy.

They can be incorporated into every food or snack, and if you choose to do this you can be certain you will reap the benefits.

How Much Food Should You Have?

The answer will depend on how you intend to use these tomatoes e.g. If you planning to cut the tomatoes for salad and include cherry tomatoes in your dish and cut them up to make a wrap or sandwich or as an ingredient in the recipe?

A typical serving size to think about would be One plum tomato (62 grams) or one medium-sized tomatoes (123 grams) and one cups of cherries (149 grams) or one cup of chopped or cut tomatoes (180 grams).

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