Top 14 Things You Can Do to Lose Weight Quickly

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Everyone would like to know how to lose weight quickly. We’ve all heard the typical “watch your diet and exercise regularly” routine. However, if it was as easy as that and there weren’t thousands of overweight people on the planet!

With all the rumors and lies that surround the weight loss business It can be difficult to distinguish the lies and hype from the reality. This is why, in this article I’m going give you 14 tips you should do to shed weight quickly. These 14 steps will allow you to shed weight safely and remain lean throughout the year.

1. Stop eating salads and only salads.

It’s a common practice particularly for female office employees. You’re served a huge salad that is purely greens. Your coworkers see what you’re eating and applaud your efforts to shed weight. At 2pm, however you feel hungry and look for chocolates and cookies to eat. What’s the difference between one step ahead but two back steps in the effort to lose fat? Although it’s fine eating salads at lunch, you must include some healthy clean protein like eggs or chicken breasts. You should also add good fats like avocados and guacamole in your salads too. Be aware that every meal should contain an element of protein. The protein and fat will are what make you feel satisfied after eating and keep the blood sugar level for an extended time so you don’t have to look for unhealthy snacks in your office immediately after lunch.

2. Replace all unhealthy snacks in your the office and at home

Contrary to what you might think eating snacks is actually beneficial in terms of fat loss. In between meals, snacking on healthy foods between meals can help keep the level of blood glucose and increase your metabolism. Because many people snack on convenience and the availability of food It is essential to only keep nutritious snacks such as dark chocolate, nuts fruit mixes, trail mixes or even beef jerky in the reach of your hand. Toss the other snacks away. Give them to a friend you don’t like.

3. Start with a simple exercise routine

Each fat loss program has to include a component of exercise. It doesn’t need to be involve actual physical exercise such as swimming or jogging. If you’ve never exercised before You can start with by simply walking each for 20 minutes each day and increase the intensity as you go. The goal is to remain active and increasing your metabolism. As you become more fit (and the likelihood is that you’ll) increase the intensity and push your body to attain new levels of fitness.

4. Stop the steady state of jogging

If you’ve been jogging for a while and not seen notable weight loss now is the time to switch to more strenuous exercises. Jogging is an excellent exercise that can help build your endurance for cardiovascular exercise however it is not the most effective method for losing fat. For effective fat burning you must engage in a routine that raises the heartbeat to the minimum of 80 percent of your highest heart rate. This will help you burn the most calories within the least amount of time. Complete body workouts like deadlifts, burpees, squats as well as shoulder presses and rows will give you the best value for your investment in working out. Do each exercise for 30 seconds and take an interval of 30 seconds between sets for three sets before moving on to the next. You should do this for 10 to 15 minutes per day, and you’ll see outcomes that surpass what you’ve seen from your jogging for months.

5- Don’t avoid carbohydrates completely

In the event that carbs replace fats as the primary cause to weight gain, a lot of people have resisted all kinds of carbs. Personally, I know a person who avoids carbohydrates like the plague. Let me clear the air. All carbs are not bad. The body requires carbs for proper functioning. Carbs are the body’s major fuel source. Our brain relies on carbohydrates for its primary functions. The lack of carbohydrates in your diet can be detrimental to your body. Each food type is suitable for consumption. In general that you should consume carbs with low glycemic levels such as brown rice deep-colored leafy veggies, breads made of multi-grain, oatmeal, and so on. Foods with high glycemic levels like juices, bananas, potato, white rice and many other processed foods should be consumed right after a vigorous workout.

6- Set realistic and quantifiable goals

Many people abandon an exercise or fat loss program after about a week or so since they didn’t see the results they expected. In the beginning, it is important to keep in mind that you did not gain weight over night. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect that a miraculous weight loss to occur either. Setting achievable and quantifiable goals can keep you on track and help you reach your final weight loss goal. What is an achievable target? Losing 0.5-1kg (1-2 pounds) every week is feasible goal. losing half an inch from your waist within two weeks is feasible. Of course, you need to be truthful with yourself as you’re working towards these targets. Consider if you’re truly following the program consistently? How many times have you cheated when it comes to your food?

7- Concentrate on the development of muscle

There are some who disagree with me about whether exercising and building muscle is essential to lose fat. For me it’s all about altering our body’s structure – decreasing the fat mass and increasing the fat-free weight (muscles). A higher percentage of fat-free mass will result in the reduction of fat mass. For every one pound of muscle you have it will burn 35-50 calories daily. Fat, however, is only burning 2 calories per pounds. The greater the muscle mass you have more muscle, the higher the rate of metabolic activity. And , contrary to popular opinion the fact that you have more muscles is what gives your body the sexy curves that the other males want.

8- Consider investing in a whey protein supplement or supplement for meal replacement

Three meals per day with three snack intervals between them isn’t always straightforward to cook. For convenience reasons it is recommended to buy a quality Whey protein and meal replacement supplements. Add milk or water and you’ll have a serving of protein of good quality.

9- Make small adjustments and adhere to them for 21 days

Let’s face it. Fat loss is a result of a behavioral and lifestyle changes. Your lifestyle has brought you to where you are at. Going down this road isn’t the fastest method to shed weight. It is well-known that changing your behavior is one of the toughest things to make. This is the reason we have to make tiny changes every day to make it more comfortable for our bodies. For instance, if consume the equivalent of two soda cans per day, reduce it to one can daily. Next week, reduce it by drinking one bottle every 2 days. It’s easy to see the picture. For any program you choose to begin keep it going over the course of 21 days. Studies have proven that any change in behavior takes around 21 days to fully accept and 60 days to develop into an established habit. Therefore, no whatever you feel about your current diet or exercise program, stick with it over the course of 21 days. You’ll be happy that you took the time to do it.

10. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals

Certain people are extremely dependent on their social network some, while others do not need it as significantly. If you are in the former category it is crucial that you consider this factor into your motivation, especially when you’re starting with a weight loss program. For the first 21 days, it’s essential to stay focused as well as focused on the objectives you’ve established for your self. You will likely encounter difficulties and challenges during the course. Like the days where your legs are sore after doing squats with your entire body or even positive news such as when you are able to lose one inch off your waist. Do you know any friends following the fat loss plan along with you, awesome! Discuss your progress and your feelings about the program to them. Speak to fitness professionals Join community forums as well as Facebook groups to discuss your experiences and learn. Don’t only focus on the fat loss aspect. Include yourself in the overall fitness and health experience. Find fitness magazines, and visit fitness websites. Take a look at the physiques you want to attain and then set them as wallpapers for your desktop. Do whatever it takes to stay focused.

11- Train your legs

It’s not just about jogging, I’m talking about intense lunges, squats, deadlifts and so on. If you’ve ever attempted squats, you be aware that this is one of the most challenging exercises that you can perform. It is sweaty and sweaty like a dog, as if you’ve sprinted miles. It is, however, one of the most effective exercises for building strength, and of course burning calories. Squats, for example, are generally complex exercises, and thus can help in burning more calories. Even if you’re not performing weighted squats, doing squats with body weight on your own can be equally difficult. In my initial 5 years of fitness, I never ever trained my legs. I was always of the opinion that the upper body was more important and squatting can slow the vertical growth of your body. This is a flimsy assumption. Since I began doing squats, my fitness was on the rise while my weight loss levels been constant throughout the year. Today, I squat every week at least and my workouts are never finished. If you’ve never worked the legs prior to now, believe me, begin your training with squats . You will be amazed at the results you observe. You can thank me later.

12- Keep a meal diary

A lot of people don’t realize the amount of calories they consume each day. You believe that you’re taking in less calories by skipping meals every now and then. However, you don’t think about the sodas, grand Frappuccinos or those cookies handed out by your coworkers which you just put into your mouth throughout the day. If you record every single thing (and I’m talking about every single thing , even those mementos) that you consume into a diary of your meals and you’ll be shocked by the amount of calories you’re eating. Yes, it’s very difficult to write every detail. However, do yourself a favor, and take a day to do it. It’s an eye opening.

13- Be taught to be a lover of water.

One of the least understood causes of weight gain is that the beverages you consume disguisedly add a lot of calories. One can of soda has more than 150 calories. A big mocha Frappuccino is more than 42 calories. Take a soda or the Frappuccino each day and you’ll gain about a one pound per week.

Since we are able to effortlessly and haphazardly gulp down drinks without thinking twice the calories in liquids are more dangerous. Fruit juices aren’t any better than other drinks. They all contain natural fructose, a sugar found in fruits and, as with all sugars, if consumed in excess can lead to weight increase. One of the fastest methods to lose weight is to make sure you drink water over other drinks. Water has no calories and is a great source of water for our bodies. Simply replacing all of your other drinks that are sugary by drinking water, you’ll soon notice weight loss improvements.

14- Limit alcohol consumption

It is impossible to completely avoid drinking alcohol. However, if you are trying to figure out the fastest method to shed weight, then you need to cut down on the time you spend in your favorite bar. Alcohol is a poisonous substance that provides zero nutritional benefits at all. In addition, each one gram of alcohol has 7 calories. A couple of glasses of cocktails with sugary mixers could easily add up to 1000 or more calories per night. Also, you should be aware that alcohol can be an appetite enhancer. Don’t be shocked when you are hungry following an evening of drinking. Naturally, this will result in an increase in calories that you do not require. If you’re focused on building muscle mass, excessive consumption of alcohol reduces testosterone levels and raises cortisol levels (stress hormone) and reduces the body’s capacity to build muscle.

With all the disadvantages of your weight loss objectives, do you require a reason to not drink?

If you’ve tried everything to lose weight, but still don’t see any improvement, try these 14 suggestions a shot.

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